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Meet the Gallery’s Owner Danny Perkins

Since yesterday (June 25th) marked the 6-year anniversary of Danny starting to do metal work, we decided to write a short blog introducing you to him and showing you some of his artwork. He started La Galerie Perkins in 2020 and has since grown it to have over thirty artists’ work displayed throughout three rotations during the year.

One of the first metalwork projects that Danny created

Danny is an artist who enjoys working with various styles and mediums and this has helped him to push his limits these past six years so that he is now a sculptor, painter, and furniture maker. In the near future, Danny will also be releasing his collection of jewelry. You can follow Danny’s artist page on Danny Perkins Artiste | Facebook or on the gallery’s page at La Galerie Perkins | Facebook.

Danny has travelled to many shows across Canada including the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, the Calgary Stampede, Rassemblement des Arts in Montreal, Quebec and Art in the Garden in Perth, Ontario. This year he will also be travelling to the Red Dot Art Show in Miami, Florida.

A picture of Danny in front of one of his sculptures

Danny’s bio from the 44 Art Events page Danny Perkins — 44 art events describes his adventure into the arts well. It is also a reminder that we are all capable of pushing our limits and following our dreams, even when we have no idea where they’re going to take us.

Born in 1985 on the family farm in Kingsey Falls, Danny Perkins has never seen the world like most people. He saw things that most people would never see or take the time to see. As a young child, Danny lay in the tall grass with his mother and sister, watching the clouds float by and they’d talk to each other about what they saw in them. Danny still has a very vivid imagination and a very young heart. Danny's mother is also a very talented artist. Everything she touches turns into art. Danny inherited art from his mother.

Even in school, Danny excelled in the arts, but Danny never thought of studying them. Danny then studied masonry as a plan B if farming wouldn't work for him. After school, he started working on the family dairy farm. By doing this, Danny has become a master of all trades, as most farmers are. From caring for animals to repairing agricultural equipment on the farm. From welding to cutting, Danny was fixing things that weren't normally fixable. One day Danny needed a farm sign for one of his livestock shows he was going to and not being able to buy one Danny decided to make one himself. So, he picked up the plasma cutter and an old sheet of metal and Danny unknowingly has made his first piece of metal art. Several years later, the project changed everything. Danny offered to make 3 sets of doors for his local agricultural fair (Richmond Fair expo). It was to mark the 160th anniversary of the fair. Danny ended up making 3 sets of doors averaging 35 feet long by 10 feet high each and Danny volunteered to do this.

From there, Danny started producing smaller pieces and participating in local craft shows Danny very quickly did larger art shows all across Canada and sold work around the world. Danny has no intention of stopping there if life permits. As Danny would say "There are no limits in life other than the ones you give yourself so aim for the moon and even if you miss it, it doesn't matter, you will find yourself in the stars.”

One of Danny's sculptures

And from there his journey into the arts continued. He now owns La Galerie Perkins, his art gallery located at 12 Rue Du Carmel in Danville where you can see many of his paintings, pieces of furniture and sculptures. Since Danny is generally travelling for shows or creating his amazing pieces of artwork, you can stop by and meet the director of the gallery, Rebecca Taylor during opening hours. She’ll be pleased to share her love of artwork with you.

One of Danny's paintings

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