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Vivid Colours to Brighten Our Lives

If you are looking for a chance to brighten your life, a painting by Georgia LeMoine might be just what you’re looking for. Her work is filled with bright and vivid colours which will draw you in and make you feel happy. Her magnificent design choices will draw you into her work and make you want to stay awhile.

Georgia’s artistic approach is as follows:

I like to dive back into my distant memories and pay homage to nature, it is thus my way of sharing all these little things that we no longer see with the eyes of an adult. My subjects represent for me the pleasure of painting what I see, without taking into account the reality that surrounds me, so is my interpretation. The bright colors and the lines represent both my authentic, rigorous side with a little touch of eccentricity. I invite you into a world that wants to be bright, positive, romantic, and joyful.

Stop by the gallery to see several of Georgia’s works of art in person. The details are magnificent.

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