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Scenery to Liven Our Days

Stop by the gallery and discover the amazing works of Jacynthe Comeau. Her paintings which capture fields, cactuses, flowers, apples, vegetables and so much more are a must to see.

Here is a little information about Jacynthe.

Very early on, Jacynthe Comeau used her creative sense in manual and artistic activities. She opted for college and university studies in art. This theoretical and practical learning combined with various workshops with other artists led her to pursue her path and perfect her technique. For her, the act of creating is part of everyday life where the combined effects of the gaze and a contemplative attitude capture magical moments, always in search of beauty. Hence her figurative approach on the lookout for the point of view, the revealed subject and the details that compose it. Painting becomes a testimony to the world of nature and to the very simple things of everyday life, where the angle of an object is highlighted in harmony and contrast to better reveal its poetry.

Stop by the gallery to see Jacynthe's work. Her current rotation runs until the end of the month. However, her work will remain on our website after that, so you'll have the opportunity to continue to enjoy it.

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