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M.M. Ciciovan

Born in 1970, in a small village in Romania, Mona Ciciovan has been drawing and painting

since childhood. After the fall of communism, she crossed the ocean to settle in

Montreal. Mona obtained a minor in visual arts from the University of Montreal and a

Bachelor's degree in visual and media arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal



Mona Ciciovan's work is based on memory: "more precisely on memory

and the perception of the images and places of his life, as explained by the editor

Montrealer Wah Keung Chan. Mona is in search of an aesthetic and in search of

its beauty and harmony. She challenges her own universe by pushing it to

idealization. The color palette blends earth tones and light to

produce an orange world with tints of blue, yellow, and green.”


Montreal journalist Dorota Kozinska also praises the works of

Mona Ciciovan in the magazine Vie des Arts: "The pleasure of observing the magic of

Ciciovan's urban works is purely aesthetic. It's not even emotional,

but rather reflective, a brief glimpse before gently slipping back into memory. […]

Ciciovan's roots are Romanian, her creativity universal and her style is

unique. »


Halfway between the abstract and the figurative, the real and the imaginary, Mona's paintings

give a metaphorical and poetic meaning to the urban landscape. Her works are

characterized by great freedom of execution, improvisation, and spontaneity.

However, balance and structure remain very present: the geometry of

verticals and horizontals, the architectural elements, the play of mirrors or double

images, or even the effect of a juxtaposition of shots in the same painting, are a

constant in her works, whatever the technique used. The color and the

light do not only evoke the form, but above all bring out the energy and the

image vibration. These are the words of the teacher and mentor of the artist, the late

Antoine Pentsch, who best described the essence of Ciciovan's work.


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