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Sylvain Demers

Whether through our lifestyle habits, the media and social networks we use or through our family ties, we form a large visible or invisible web that unites us to each other. It is these different links, inscribed in time in the form of an imprint, that I seek to explore through visual arts, performance or writing. Using often abstract symbols, spontaneous lines drawn on different supports or strings, I play intuitively with lines, words and colors by advocating freedom of gesture and movement with a constant desire to communicate with the other.


Sylvain Demers lives in the Granby region. After having traveled around the world, taught, been an actor and written dramatic and poetic works performed on stage or published, he discovered drawing at the age of 45 and particularly enjoyed playing with colors. A graduate in Visual Arts and holder of a 2nd cycle diploma in artistic practices in contemporary art from the University of Sherbrooke, he has also followed various training courses with renowned artists including Claude Ferron, Dominique Sarrazin and Jacques Clément. This allowed him to develop a personal technique using various mediums that allow him to give free rein to his imagination. The superposition of mediums that intertwine and intertwine gives his works a multitude of interesting hues and tones. He has already participated in collective and solo exhibitions in the Bas-Richelieu, Laurentides and Eastern Townships regions. He has also presented works in exhibitions in New York and Toronto. Among other things, he twice won the jury prize at the Sorel-Tracy arts symposium and received 3rd prize at the 3 Palms Award in 2017.

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