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Renée Picard et Créations Forest

Renée Picard and Deni Forest are eco-responsible artisans. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish where the work of nature and that of the craftsman meet as each box is a unique carving done from one piece of work. Each box comes with a secret drawer, which perhaps adds a little more mystery to each creation.


Regardless of how you use one of their boxes. It is sure to bring you some enchantment from the woods. Some possibilities include using it for the tooth fairy, jewelry, to hide away love letter, keys or other keepsakes.


Respectful of the environment, Deni Forest never cuts a tree to make the boxes. The glue used is non-toxic, the handles are natural, made of wood, cocottes, shells... and each box is protected by beeswax. Each piece is also signed and dated.

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