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Pauline Boudreau.jpg

Pauline Boudreau

Artist's Statement

She considers herself a painter of nature.  In all weather, under blazing sun, in icy cold, in rain, in snow, she scours the countryside in search of that special place to portray on canvas.

Watercolour has been her medium for over thirty years but more recently oils have beguiled her as well.  From autumnal hues of the Eastern Townships to the fiery reds of Arizona or the restful blues of Britain and the Gaspé, her palette and brushes are at the ready.  A few deft strokes may produce a small gem of a watercolour while a more involved renderings in oil may emerge from a blank canvas.

It is her hope that her paintings will surprise and delight while at the same time conveying her vision and emotional response to the subject.

She paints with conviction rather than from a need to please.  Since 1986 she has but one objective – to paint.

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