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Nadjejda Gilbert

Nadjejda Gilbert lives in Beauce near Quebec City. Her passion for the arts is not new. Already very young, she drew on the walls of her parents' house. Her artistic future became clearer when she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Communication from Laval University.

In 2016, after several years as a graphic designer, she began to appear as a painter, thus dividing her life between painting, drawing and graphic design. For her, a creative life is a free life.


In recent years, she has held several exhibitions, participated in several art symposiums and produced several special orders honoring Quebec business people. She also has to her credit mentions and prizes obtained during competitions and artistic exhibitions.


For Nadjejda, human nature is an inexhaustible source of creation. In her portraits, she seeks to translate emotion and thoughts through the eyes of the characters. Her paintings are on the verge of fantasy, halfway between realism and abstraction.

Combining both acrylic paint and the collage technique, the artist creates her works by integrating texts and words on subjects that inspire her. Thus, the texts, which one discovers little by little in the painting, become the reflection of the aspirations and the deep values specific to the human being.


It was in her house in the countryside, accompanied by her family, her cats and her dog, that Nadjejda found the artistic inspiration for a developed creative life.

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