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Lois was born in Québec city in 1965 from the union of unknown parents. At 10 months he was adopted by the Tremblay family and grew up in the small town of Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la Croix.


From a young age, Lois was interested in art. An English woman who came to live with his grandfather taught him the details of the face. Driven by the desire to touch everything, Lois draws without stopping and becomes more and more interested in art classes at the school where he begins to make his mark.


Lois starts with technical drawing in high school. He continues his apprenticeship by studying commercial and industrial arts and design at CEGEP and completing the interdisciplinary arts module at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.


A quarter of a century later, in 2015, Lois get a very strong enthusiasm for acrylic by doing a large format project. He then begins to paint faces out of his imagination by giving his body and soul to his art.


It was not until 2016 with a few works in hand that Lois decided to make his first solo exhibition. This exhibition gives him the taste to become self-taught and, due to the high demand, to produce a new collection every year. During his solo presence at several symposia, the artist distinguished himself by his originality and the purity of the colors that are superimposed in a boundless approach.


Influenced by contemporary painters such as Francoise Nielly, Corno, Joshua Miels and Lichtenstein for his cartoons, Lois’s creativity is endless. He mainly uses acrylic on canvas and is recently attracted by photography and digital art. The subject of his paintings is accompanied by the power of colors, giving a depth that transports us. The expression of the faces that he paints goes far beyond the reflection of the personality, it tells us a story.


Lois' artistic quest gives us a visual passport of great eloquence and a parallel of the contemporary world that goes beyond the canvas itself and gives way to three-dimensional reality.


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