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Joseph-Richard Veilleux

Joseph Richard Veilleux displays phenomenal energy, unbounded generosity, and altruism, contributing to perpetuate the effervescence of the field of visual arts. Displaying an open mind towards creation and appreciative of the powerful forces of renewal borne by emerging modes of expression, his merit has been recognized through his nomination as president of the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts (RCA) in May of 2015. We should mention that since the Academy’s foundation in 1880, he is the first francophone Quebecer to hold the position. The RCA has a membership of 790 artists working in more than thirty visual arts and designing disciplines. Also of note is the fact that Veilleux has played a critical role as administration of the Canadian Museum of Fine-Arts in Ottawa from 2002 to 2005. Finally, in 2012 he received Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee medal for his implication among his peers and his community.

Joseph-Richard Veilleux is a born explorer of multiple talents. His figures are searching for a passage, seeking a dreamlike perception that will generate in us an indescribable vision. The experience is purely playful and delightful.

Text by Michel Bois

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