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Jessica Potenza

Self-taught, my painting technique involves combining acrylic and ink on wither canvas, linen or wood panel. My tendency to use natural pigments throughout 2011-2017 began early in my artistic explorations, when the only paint substitutes at my disposal were those found within arms reach while at home or on the road working with horses. These pigments, usually selected to signify either my intentions with each piece or my whereabouts, make the work more personal, more meaningful if you will. My current focus is more towards ink techniques and the use of different acrylic mediums.

Horses have had a major influence throughout my life, and their essence has thus inspired the bulk of my work. There is a symmetry between the silent yet unambiguous equine language and what is my best effort at articulating minimalistic but also powerful and expressive lines. My intention is to expose raw feelings by virtue of my subject and the soul that lies within it, one that is transparent and true. My focus throughout these creations lies in that latter, and my hope is that the synthesis of subject, medium and paint strokes have the ability to communicate meaning without use of words. 

My art signifies to me Life, both at its exposed bedrocks as well as its radiant summits. My inspiration is rooted in these moments and their attributed feelings, the ones that last forever in our memories. These are the moments that give life meaning, that make us ask questions, that change us. Valuable exchanges between friends, between strangers. Challenges overcome, dreams accomplished, loves lost, new days, change. Worldwide we have unique lives, and in a life where there is such a struggle with respect to our so called differences, my focus is on what we do share, emotions.

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