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Helene Beauchesne


Her current approach consists of reflections, experiences and research. Creating is a state of mind that she experiences every day and which is constantly evolving. The art that is specific to it defines it, it transposes its emotions of the moment on the support. As these change and evolve, what emerges from his work reproduces them. She favors paper as a support, its different textures add a challenge to her creation and give her this physical feeling of working with matter. The smell of ink and paper brings her back to the past, to little school and to the happiness she had in writing with ink. The pen allows her to reconnect with the pleasure of the gesture and gives me this feeling of flying away in a universe without obstacles, a wonderful daydream. The abstract pictorial expression allows the viewer to create their own reading.


Artist from Quebec, native of Victoriaville, she holds a CPES, plastic arts concentration and a teaching certificate from Laval University. After having worked mainly in the field of education, she decided in 1995 to devote herself to her passion while following various training courses in visual art.



In addition to the public and jury favorites already received in 2018, the CGI Excellence Award at the Visit'Arts Québec Symposium for all of his work. In addition to her work in artistic production, she gives classes at her studio in Quebec City and in leisure services until 2020. Strongly involved in the artistic field of her region, she is co-founder of Rendez-vous Contemporary art. I am also an arts consultant for various organizations and since 2023 on the CA of ACSAD. From 2000 to 2021, she combines exhibitions and several symposia in Quebec and Ontario. In 2004, two paintings were selected by a jury and exhibited at the Hôtel de Glace in Quebec. In 2009-2010, she was selected for the Répertoire Biennal Magazin’art. Between 2004 and 2018, I was represented in galleries: Ancienne Lorette- Galerie Laminard, Baie-St-Paul- Entartiste and Bizart, St-Raymond- Galerie Desrochers, Québec-Off galerie, and Saatchi-Art international as well as at the Galerie Gruais-Grondin in Ste-Foy. In 2023 she is currently represented by La Galerie Perkins

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