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Gerardo Labarca

Gerardo Labarca's career is quite atypical for an artist-painter. He worked successfully and brilliantly in the restaurant industry in Montreal (Restaurants Pinxto, Zumaia, Bar et Bœuf and Mezcla), before embarking on the adventure of painting. His momentum in the field of visual art is the fruit of a completely unexpected encounter. ... and from there came  new life in him. He is still experimenting with certain media and several horizons are opening up to him! One can feel the joy that emerges through the history of his works. A self-taught portrait painter, Labarca captures the soul and essence of the characters he chooses to bring to life on canvas. Attention to detail and perfection is present while appearing light and carefree... He enjoys illustrating the intensity of the feelings that characterize his subjects, whether they are timeless icons or loved ones. .. Through his works we learn to understand this artist. We feel his joie de vivre, and a certain wonder at his raw talent. The combination of the different techniques he uses is a nod to the many aspects of his magnificent personality.

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