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To be a contemporary painter is to use the emotions that inhabit me to feed the inspiration that I pour onto my canvases through painting intuitively. Since 2009, it is in a self-taught way that I perfect my techniques to adapt them and combine them in my own way in order to give my paintings a uniqueness. I like to imprint my paintings with experiences that I've lived and all the emotions that time has traced in me. The textures that mix and the colors that blend and contrast create the movement that challenges and attracts the eye. This movement transports us to the same universe. Acrylic and ink are the basic mediums that I use and which offer me as many possibilities as my imagination allows. As an artist, I am in constant search of novelty and beauty. My creations remain an invitation to commune with the intimate and hidden life in each of us and offer a moment of sharing that connects each human being.

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