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Anne Renard

I come from a background that is very sensitive to art as my father was a doctor but also a poet and musician, my brothers and sisters sculptors, painters. My job as a decorator did not fully satisfy me. After three years, I studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and then in Avignon which a very rewarding environment alongside César, Gardonne and many other great sculptors. But for me, the master who must lead, educate us, is not outside but inside ourselves. Knowing how to listen to each other is the most beautiful wealth we have... In more than 60 years of creation, I’ve experience despair, loss of confidence, anger and many other abnegations as any artist can feel. But thanks to this wonderful inner strength, it is impossible to give up. The call has always been the strongest.


No aggression or suffering in my bronze sculptures. Happiness and well-being flow from it. Of the dream! We need it so much!

Between 1960 and 2022, my bronzes have been shown at numerous expositions across Canada and Europe. 

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