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Anne Marrec was born in 1943 in France and has lived in Quebec since 1969. As her family was reluctant when it came to her desire to be an artist, her university studies were in Letters, Political Science and Administration. But there was also another part of her life which needed to be nurtured and that was the artist in her. She took courses from artists around the world and explored various mediums including watercolor, oil and acrylic. For her, art transcends all other activities in her life. Drawing and painting among other artistic mediums are her way of existing and being happy. Over the years, she has explored numerous themes including horses, bulls, birds, musicians and even nudes. All of which symbolize for her the vital movements that flow with nature. In 2001, she became a member of the Order of Academic Palms in France. She has received many other accolades during her career and continues to create stunning works of art to touch the hearts and souls of those who see the work. 

Anne Marrec

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