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Painting, bronze sculptures, cement and steel, India ink, charcoal, scratchboard and several other mediums that caught  her interest, as she is always looking for a new challenge. Based in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, Andrée Marcoux has been a professional artist for several years now. A graduate of Laval University in Quebec in visual arts, she always seeks to develop her work, her passion.


Her inspiration, animals in general. “Animals and their well-being are very important to me. I want to raise public awareness through a pose, a look, to make them love them in order to better respect them. This is my way of paying homage to these sensitive, essential beings who have so much to teach us.”


Andrée first created landscapes and then devoted herself to painting animals, which have become her specialty over time. She does not seek the perfection of the subject based on the details, but more the emotion. As much as her painting can be realistic and worked on for weeks, she likes to let herself go in the movement of mediums or large formats. Classic and whimsical painting, it is a balance that suits her.

Andrée Marcoux

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