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Manon Tétreault

Each artist-painter expresses in her paintings a part of her history and her experience. Her various training courses in art schools and with recognized professional artists have enabled Manon to acquire a certain mastery of drawing and painting.


However, it was certain dramatic events in life that forged her art and fostered the emergence of the emotion that lay comfortably dormant within her. Her paintings express a soul, a feeling, a melody, a scene that is reflected in a continuous movement where one would like to immerse for a moment. She worships beauty in simplicity, she expresses life on her canvas as she sees and feels it.


Her paintings are mostly made with a palette knife, she likes to exploit the light, she freezes and directs the gaze towards the essential by deliberately blurring the details. She allows herself freedom in the choice of tone, color intensity and texture.


Manon describes her approach as follows “I paint as I live. When I am in harmony with my subject, I abandon myself completely to my work; it’s a magical moment, a perfect complicity between my emotions, my eyes, and my hands”.


Manon has owned her own art school since 2003 and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Quebec. She has also studied art under the guidance of many renowned artists.

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