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Helene Monlong

“I discovered my creative potential quite

belatedly and since then I have given free rein

to this passion by exploring different

mediums: acrylic, ink, encaustic,

engraving/printmaking and mixed media.


I am very inspired by nature, the

trees in particular, for their symbolism,

their strength and their fragility. It allows me

to exteriorize my emotions, my daydreams

and my travel memories, real or



My approach is mainly based

on the urgency of expressing the vital force that

lives in me, the questioning of the origin

and the roots, of the recognition of

the beauty of nature, and above all that

anchors me in the reality of a life that which we

knows ephemeral...


Self-taught, a strong desire for improvement prompted Helm (Helene Monlong) to participate in numerous creative workshops led by experienced artists.

Helm also participated in 2019 in the intensive Geological Abstractions workshop, in Santa-Fé, New Mexico, at the MISA school (Madeline school of Art), where she was able to deepen various techniques.

A trip to Japan in 2018 crystallized her passion for Japanese papers and permeated her recent accomplishments.

Helm is a member of the AAVNM du Nord de Montréal artists' group, a member of the CAPSQ group, was a member of the AAPL association and the Ecl'Art group.

Helm is also a member of the virtual gallery Césure.

Helm was very active in the Covid'Art movement, sponsored by the Leonardo Da Vinci center in the St Leonard district of Montreal, an initiative which invited artists to exhibit their works outdoors twice a week, in order to combat the ambient gloom due to the Covid 19 pandemic, a movement that had an echo across Quebec, from May to September 2020.

After having participated in numerous collective exhibitions, here are some mentions received:

- Bronze medal in Contemporary Art as part of the CAPSQ International Visual Arts Gala, April 20, 2019, for the work Melancholia.

-Recognition of Excellence in Abstract Art in 2016, for the work: L'Écho des silences I, Diptyque: Silence streams on the rocks.

-Mention Coup de coeur du jury for the work

Gray mist at the Selection 2016 exhibition and competition at the Jacques Ferron cultural center of the AAPL in Longueuil.

In conclusion, Helene is convinced that this love of the visual arts illuminates and stimulates her life...

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