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Rénald Gauthier

Originally from the Eastern Townships, surrounded by wide open spaces, rivers, lakes and mountains, nature has always been a source of inspiration and introspection for me.

From my first colored pencils to painting with a palette knife, I explored a panoply of mediums that led me through this fascinating world of creation.

In nature, light, colors, smells, sounds and silences are all sources of well-being and inspiration that motivate the realization of my works. The observation of animals and humans led me to return to sculpture for 4 years.

Since my first group exhibitions, through the most prestigious Symposiums in Quebec, my notoriety has led me to present my works outside the country, notably in the United States, France and Belgium.

So four years ago, I returned to clay sculpture and with the interest and success I gained, I made color four bronze. A fifth is in preparation.

This new medium allows me to satisfy a tangible need for the strong three dimensions of previous experiences with oil and spatula on canvas. 

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