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Ginette Fournier

Self-taught painter.

It all starts with a marked interest in drawing and the well-being it gives me. In my thirties, this interest turns into an unavoidable need to go to the source of this inner momentum. So I plan to go back to school in 1988. The adventure begins at the Cégep de Trois-Rivières, Plastic Arts discipline. Driven by a thirst for learning and expressing myself, I am ready to take up all the challenges offered. These three years of investment and passion earned me the merit of "best student in visual arts" and, above all, the confirmation of being connected to my essence.

I continue my journey at UQTR with a few courses oriented towards the visual arts, including painting, which I favor as a means of expression. A few years later, the exhibitions begin and are linked with an intuitive artistic production having as a common thread the desire to convey emotions through my characters. After 25 years of practice, I continue to increase my knowledge with professional artists in order to evolve and renew myself while deepening my knowledge.

Painting is part of my life, and my dearest wish is to touch the soul of the viewer.

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