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Emmanuelle Lessard

Having grown up in the countryside, I immersed myself in the nature that surrounded me, its immensity, and its riches, but above all, its trees. As far back as I can remember, I have always had a deep attraction for these giants of our forests, who have accompanied me throughout my artistic journey.


My university training in visual arts allowed me to explore different materials and techniques. Particularly interested in clay, I continued my artistic journey in ceramics at the Maison des métiers d'art de Québec (MMAQ).


Clay is now my medium of choice. I like to explore this material by leaving it its raw and natural character; I therefore favor textures and finishes without enamel, or simply colored with oxides, in line with my work with my trees.


Working the land represents a return to basics. This great process of exploration and research, of understanding and discovery, allows me to transform the clay, to breathe into it the energy that animates me through my perception as a creator.


This relationship with matter also allows me to keep in touch with nature and reality. Aware of the conservation of our forests and the impact of human actions on the environment, the tree has become a recurring theme in my exhibitions. I draw inspiration from the strength and fragility of nature and human beings, the interdependence of beings and things, to make people aware of the fragility of everything that exists.

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