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I grew up on a farm, in a small town, and from a young age, I always had an indescribable love for animals. Throughout my childhood hobbies for me included; the local 4h club, attending local fairs with my beef cattle, and countless hours drawing my animals. I have an addiction to art and a passion for animals, so I made the conscious decision in high school to pursue a career as a professional artist. I attended Champlain College and received my Fine Arts diploma in 2010, I then proceeded to Bishops University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Studio Honors in 2014. I like to work large scale because I feel I am able to give all of myself to the painting. My hope is that the viewer is able to become consumed by the work in the same way that I am and that they will have the ability to recognize the beauty in the individuality and power of each animal. As I paint, I imagine the powerful untamed creature running towards me, the ground is shaking. I am focused; his eyes are enlarged, nostrils flared, each muscle ripples at every step, and with the next... The stroke of a brush.

Amanda Bushey

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